Lab Analysis Test Values

Nitrogen, Total = 3.18%
Phosphorus, Available = 1.73%
Potassium = 2.22%

Boron = 0.02%
Chloride = 0.11%
Iron = 5.09%
Magnesium = 1.01%
Zinc = 0.02%
Selenium = <3.0 mg/Kg
Sodium = 3319 mg/Kg
pH = 6

Calcium = 2.82%
Magnesium = 1.44%
Manganese = 0.02%
Sulfur = 3.30%
Chromium-Total = 3.4 mg/Kg
Copper = 138 mg/Kg
Silver = <3.0 mg/Kg
Sodium = 25840 mg/Kg
Strontium = <3.0 mg/Kg
Tin = <3.0 mg/Kg
Titanium = <3.0 mg/Kg
Vanadium = <3.0 mg/Kg
Zinc = 108 mg/Kg
Fluoride = <0.01%

PlantPepTM stimulates microbial activity.

200 billion organisms...  tens of thousands of species...  invisible to the human eye, residing in just one handful of soil – soil microbes are engaged in the vital job of converting plant and animal debris into plant nutrients. These microbes are essential for the health of our planet (and your garden!).

Ecosystems could not survive without decomposition.  If organic material wasn't broken down, it would not be available for plant regeneration. The natural world would collapse were it not for the ongoing, continuous recycling provided by soil microbes.

But, what if we are unwittingly disrupting that cycle?

There is recent research that examines the impact of human activity on soil microbial communities – especially fungi. These tiny, diverse organisms – many of which have yet to be identified by scientists – are major contributors to the regeneration of plant life.

Yet today, in heavily tilled chemically fertilized fields, soil analysts are noting a decline in microbial communities – including fungi. They are also noting a direct link to the absence of microbial communities and a decline in the nutritional value of food grown in those fields. A decline in microbes equals a decline in food value. Discoveries such as this have opened up a whole new frontier in soil sciences - one that will hopefully lead to changes in many of today's agricultural practices.

PlantPepTM is one step in that direction...

PlantPepTM contains no chemicals. There is no intention to merely compensate for soil inadequacy. Rather, with its proven ability to increase microbial activity in soil, PlantPepTM's natural organic soil-building additives actually restore the health of your soil. This rejuvenation of the soil provides the basis not only for enlivening your growing season, but also for an abundant harvest that looks better, tastes better and is healthier to eat.