Each box of PlantPepTM contains 5 brew bags that will make up to 20 gallons of nutritious, organic fertilizer.

PlantPepTM Fertilizer Brew

So convenient, so safe, so naturally rejuvenating!
PlantPepTM creates fertile soil for robust plant growth

  • Makes up to 20 gallons of fertilizer
  • Feeds the soil
  • Brewed liquid form allows immediate uptake of nutrients
  • Made from certified organic herbs and greensand
  • Includes all essential minerals and full-spectrum macro and micro nutrients
  • As easy to make as brewing tea
  • Child, pet, and plant safe - even at full strength
  • Lightweight and odorless
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Use concentrate or diluted, depending on plant type
  • Guaranteed NPK values:
    Nitrogen (N) = 3.18
    Phosphorus (P) = 1.73
    Potassium (K) = 2.22

Box of 5 brew bags - $10.00 ea

How to Use PlantPep™

PlantPep organic fertilizer brew

PlantPep™ is as easy to make as brewing tea! One brew bag makes four gallons of liquid fertilizer for your garden. Brew a batch of PlantPep™ to use now or to have on hand.

View PlantPep™ instructions
Our basic PlantPep™ brew recipe, instructions for specific plant types, and additional tips.

And with PlantPep™ there's no danger of over-fertilizing, so you can feel free to apply this organic, natural fertilizer on an as-needed basis.