The concept of using selected herbs as a fertilizer is so obvious, it is almost surprising that no one before you thought about it. I was not sure whether PlantPepTM would work in CA, but I had a big surprise when my flower garden displayed sustained blooms all summer long."

-- Claire A., Sarasota, CA

Hands down my best vegetable production garden this year with PlantPepTM. Thanks to you I can use a
fertilizer which truly feeds the soil's microorganisms, which unlock the nutrient uptake of the plant, which gives us nutritious food. It does not get any better."

-- Steven S., Hopkington, NH

Seedlings are doing great – no damping off this year thanks to PlantPepTM. Great product."

-- Martha H., Canterbury, NH

I cannot believe that you saved the plant my dad gave me years ago. He died recently and the plant took on
a whole new level of importance to me. When it started to droop and loose its leaves, I was very unhappy. Thank you for nursing it back to health. I am applying PlantPepTM as you directed to all my houseplants faithfully and they are all doing fine. More people should know about this."

-- Lucille C., Gilmanton, NH

I finally found a fertilizer that is not a byproduct of animals in any form. As a vegan this was a sticking point of all organic fertilizers on the market. You certainly have a niche in the vegan market. I love your mission statement as Earth stewards - "Support the good, repair the harm" - your fertilizer certainly does that. Wishing you great successes in your venture. We are excited to carry the PlantPepTM in our store."

-- Alyssa Strong, Moon Beam Botanicals, Lincoln, CT

All three houseplants have a whole different feel to them. 'Happier' is what I think of when I look at them now. This definitely a difference."

-- Elizabeth S., East Machias, ME

The children made a sun tea with your PlantPepTM bags and applied the tea to their individual grass plots
which they are growing under grow lights. We measured the growth every other day and - you guessed it
- the leaves are longer. More importantly, they are thicker and a more intense green. The Montessori program is a hands-on program, and therefore I was pleased that the children could "feed" their grass by themselves because the PlantPepTM is child-safe. Thank you for enriching the experience for our preschoolers."

-- Barbara Mansfield, The Children’s House, Hopkins, NH

Thank you so much for stopping by and applying the garden PlantPepTM to our tree Datura. She is the focal
point of your restaurant and we were afraid that we were losing her. Your 'intervention" was a godsend. New growth and new buds are be proof of your formula."

-- Annette Field, The Pasta House, Concord, NH